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Facilitative Mediation


Mediation is confidential.  Studies show that parties who reach agreement through mediation indicate a higher satisfaction level with their process than parties who reach agreement through a court and that mediated agreements are statistically more durable than court mandated agreements. 

Mediation is cost effective. Parties typically share the cost of mediation over an average of 2-6, two hour mediation sessions.

The mediator is a neutral third party who facilitates the mediation and will help parties identify issues and interests (your goals and interests), create options for resolving issues (brainstorm) and work through the process of analyzing options to agreement.

Mediation works best when both parties are willing to listen to what is important and believe they can represent their own interests in a negotiation process.  In order to represent one’s own interests, it is helpful to become informed.  Parties are encouraged to consult with an attorney and be advised of rights and responsibilities related to divorce before beginning mediation.  By coming into mediation with an understanding of the issues at hand, the parties can more effectively use the mediation process.